1. i saw django again w my mom yesterday and i love every female character ok????? but these are me two favorite girls in the movie

    i was looking up references for the female tracker and she was supposed to have this gr8 backstory and she would have pulled down the scarf to reveal a missing jaw. it would have been way better than leo doing the whole skull spiel i tell u what
    and coco because she is a huge kawaii!!!

  2. i have a border collie and sometimes when i want a hug i put my arms around her neck and she lays her chin on my shoulder uwu

  3. aradialaughingalonewithroses.jpg

  4. jade girl i think its time for a trim

    red boots because i wanted to

  5. day 17: saddest death


  6. fucking piece of shit tumblr keeps freezing my browser every time i attempt to load more than one picture

    anyways a break from homestuck to do the most popular girls in school which you probably saw coming. whatever, trisha is my favorite.

  7. day 16: favorite flash

    um this one because it actually took me a sec to figure out and jane’s land is so goregous???

    sorry about the creepin lil seb he wanted to be in the picture

  8. fucking jpeg making this look shitty. anyways
    day 15: Derse or Prospit?

    i decided prospit because i am a prospitian? and my jammies are a onesie because they’re dope as hell don’t even try to convince me otherwise

    i’m sorry for the gratuitous self insertion and i hope you don’t get sick from all that yellow

  9. ohoho this is over a week late………
    day 14: fave planet - land of wrath and angels

    and i mean eridan is my boo soooooooo (i don’t think i mean that)

    and i love cathedrals so much holy shit???? btw that window is an edited ver of the notre dame cathedral’s stained glass aha theres ur fun fact

  10. ok i’m almost… caught up…
    i start school tomorrow so its probably going to be another 5 days behind just WATCH ME

    day 13: favorite alchemized item
    jade’s 3am dress! probably the most original picture you’ve seen in a long time, i know
    and will i ever settle on a style? more at 9